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Terms and Conditions


These terms and conditions and the documents mentioned below, called (the “Terms”), establish the basis on which the website with the URL “” (the “Site”) and related and/or associated services (collectively, the “Service”) will be provided to the Client.

Please read these Terms carefully, as they establish a binding legal agreement between our client (the “Client”) and us. By opening an account (the “Account”) and using the Service, you agree to be bound by these Terms, as well as by any updates that may be published from time to time.

If you have any questions, please contact us using the contact details below.

The Service is provided by Tagus Media Americas (Curaçao) N.V., a limited liability company, registered in Curaçao, under number 145815, with registered office at Zuikertuintjeweg Z/N (Zuikertuin Tower), Curaçao, referred to hereinafter as “BOLLYBET”.

The transaction and payment services are operated by Tagus Media Americas (Curaçao) N.V. .

BOLLYBET is licensed in Anjuan under license number ALSI-082309008-FI4 to provide sports betting, casino and other forms of gambling, granted on September 12th, 2023. BOLLYBET will communicate with clients via e-mail only (the “Registered E-mail Address”) as provided when opening their BOLLYBET account: BOLLYBET communication is issued via the following e-mail:

General Terms

We reserve the right to update the Terms (including any document mentioned and linked below) at any time. If such update is not significant, we may not notify Clients beforehand. Clients will be notified in advance of material changes made to the Terms and will automatically agree to the changes made in the terms prior to their entry into force. If you object to any of these corrections, you must immediately discontinue use of the Service by applying the cancellation provisions listed below. Continued use of the Services indicates that the Client irrevocably accepted such changes. Any bets not settled prior to the entry into force of the updated Terms will be subject to the pre-existing Terms.

If, at any time, you have questions about how to place bets or use the Service in any other way, please read these Terms again and/or contact our assistance (Client Service Department) at the e-mail “”.

1. Your obligations

Whenever using the Service, the Client confirms that:

I. They are 18 years of age or older, or the age stipulated as the majority of the applicable jurisdiction laws in their country and are eligible to enter into a binding legal agreement with BOLLYBET

II. They are in a country where placing bets in the Service is legal (if in doubt, request legal support). It is their responsibility to ensure that the use of the Service is legal.

III. They are Not a resident of the following countries:

(i) Angola, Australia, Belgium, Comoros, Cambodia, Czech Republic, the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (PDRK), Denmark, Ecuador, the French Republic and its territories, Germany, Guadeloupe, Guyana, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Réunion, Martinique, Myanmar, Netherlands (including Curaçao and other countries and territories that are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands), Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama. Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sudan, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, UAE, United Kingdom, United States of America and its territories, Yemen.

(ii) And any other country that may forbid the offer of online betting to its residents or to anyone who is in the same country.

IV. By making a deposit on the BOLLYBET site, they acknowledge that they are authorised to do so, i.e. that they are the authorised user of the debit/credit card or any other means of payment used.

V. By using our Services and/or placing bets, the Client will not be placed in a real or potential situation and/or deemed to constitute a conflict of interest in any way.

VI. They never failed to pay and/or tried not to pay a debt related to a bet.

VII. They act solely on their own behalf, as a person in an individual capacity, not on behalf of a third party or for commercial purposes.

VIII. By placing bets, they may lose any or all of their money deposited with us in accordance with these Terms, and the Client is entirely responsible for this loss, and BOLLYBET cannot be held liable for their losses. Likewise, refunds will not be admitted under any circumstances.

IX. Clients shall use the Service solely for the purpose of betting and shall not manipulate any market and/or element within this Service, to adversely affect the integrity of the Service and/or the integrity of BOLLYBET.

X. When placing bets on BOLLYBET, they may not use any information acquired following a breach of the legislation in force in the country where they are at the time of placing the bet.

XI. Clients will make all payments in good faith, and shall not attempt to void a payment made, nor will they act in such a way as to cause such payment to be cancelled by third parties in order to default with legally contracted debts.

XII. As a rule, the Client must always act in good faith in relation to the use of the Service and in relation to all bets made through BOLLYBET.

2. BOLLYBET Registration

When using the Service, the client agrees that:

In order to protect the integrity of the Service and for other operational reasons, we reserve the right to refuse a request for registration from any person, without any obligation to provide a specific reason.

Before using the Service, the Client must complete the registration form and read and accept these Terms. All data entered must be valid, under penalty of their betting account being immediately terminated if this should happen. All gains obtained through incomplete or false information will be confiscated and not returned to the Client under any circumstances.

In order to be able to start betting on the Service, we require data validation, which includes validation of some internal mechanisms. The Client may have to provide valid proof of identification and any other document that may be deemed necessary.

Valid identification vouchers include, but are not limited to, photo ID (copy of passport, driving licence or national identity card) and payment receipt of a current expense which has at least the name and home address, as proof of address. We reserve the right to suspend accounts, including bets, until we receive the required information. This includes winnings and any pending withdrawal requests. This procedure is a regulatory requirement and is carried out in accordance with the applicable rules on betting and the legal requirements of anti-money laundering.

They may only add funds to their BOLLYBET.COM Account using the payment methods set forth in the payment section of our Site. No post-paid refills and/or credit will be admitted to betting Accounts at any time.

The Client must provide complete and accurate information about themselves, including valid name, surname, home address and e-mail address, and update such information in the future to keep it complete and accurate. It is the Client’s responsibility to keep contact details up to date in their Account. If they fail to do so, they will be unable to receive important notifications relating to the Account and our information, including the changes we make to these Terms. Failure to update information may also lead to situations where winnings may not be properly processed. BOLLYBET takes no responsibility for incorrect information and will not reimburse these values in any situation. It is the Client’s responsibility to contact their banking institution and/or payment service company to obtain information about withdrawals.

BOLLYBET identifies and communicates with Clients through their Registered E-mail Address. It is the Client’s responsibility to maintain an active and single e-mail address, provide us with their correct e-mail address and advise BOLLYBET of any changes in their e-mail address. Each Client is solely responsible for maintaining the security of their Registered E-mail Address, to avoid use thereof by third parties. BOLLYBET is not liable for any damage, loss considered and/or allegedly considered, as a result of communications between BOLLYBET and Client via the Registered E-mail Address. Any Client that does not have an e-mail address through which they can be contacted by BOLLYBET will see their Account suspended until they provide us with such address. We will immediately terminate the Client Account by sending a written notice if they intentionally provide false and/or incorrect personal information. We may also take legal action against them for doing so under certain circumstances, and/or contacting the relevant authorities who may also take action against them. Any pending withdrawal requests will be immediately cancelled and lost in order to comply with international anti-money laundering standards.

The Client is entitled to one Account only at BOLLYBET. Accounts will be immediately suspended if we find that the Client has multiple Accounts registered in our Service. This includes the use of representatives, relatives, associates, affiliates, related parties, related persons and/or third parties that operate on behalf of the Client. In order to ensure financial eligibility and to confirm their identity, we may use any external provider of information which, in our opinion, we deem necessary.

The Client must ensure the confidentiality of their password for the Service. As long as the requested Account information has been correctly provided, we have the right to assume that bets, deposits and withdrawals were made by the Client. We advise regularly changing passwords, and never revealing them to anyone. Passwords must be at least eight characters long and include at least one letter, one number and one special character. It is the Client’s responsibility to protect their password. Otherwise, they take all risks and expenses. They must sign out each time they leave the Service. If they believe that their Account is being unduly used by third parties, has been hacked and/or if third parties have discovered their password, they must notify us immediately by e-mail by sending a message from their Registered E-mail Address to the address

The Client must notify us if their Registered E-mail Address has been hacked and we may require them to provide us with additional information/documents in order to confirm their identity. We will immediately suspend the Client’s account as soon as we are aware of such an incident. However, they are responsible for all activity in their Account, including access by third parties, regardless of whether their access has been authorised by them or not. The Client may at no time transmit any content or information about the Service to another Client or any other external entity by means of screen capture (or similar method), nor will they show any information or content of this type in a different context that differs from the way it would appear if such a Client or external entity wrote the URL in the browser’s address bar.

When registering, the Client must select the currency that they wish to use in their Account. This will be the currency of deposits, withdrawals and bets made by the Client in the Service as set forth in these Terms. Some payment methods are not processed in all currencies. In such cases, a processing currency is displayed along with a conversion calculator available on the page. BOLLYBET converts this value only for convenience of the Service, as we are not an exchange agent and take no spread in this conversion. Therefore, we take no responsibility for the exchange rate charged in the conversion and will not reimburse the Client under any circumstances.

We have no obligation to open a Client Account, and our registration page should be considered a mere invitation. It is entirely at our discretion to proceed with the opening of a Client Account and, if we refuse to open a Client Account, we have no obligation to provide the Client with a reason for refusal.

When we receive the Client’s application, we may contact them to request additional information and/or documents to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.

3. Restricted Use

You cannot use the Service:

I. If you are under the age of 18 (or under the age of majority stipulated by the laws of the applicable jurisdiction) and/or if they cannot conclude a binding legal agreement with us;

II. To collect user names, e-mail addresses and/or other information from other Clients through any method (for example, by sending spam, other types of unsolicited e-mails, or framing, or creating an unauthorised link to the Service);

III. To disrupt and/or unduly affect the activities of other Clients and/or the operation of the Service in general;

IV. To promote unsolicited commercial advertising, affiliate links, and/or other forms of solicitation, which may be removed from the Service without notice;

V. In a manner that, in our reasonable opinion, may be considered an attempt to: (i) deceive the Service and/or another Client who uses the Service; or (ii) act in collusion with any other Client who uses the Service to obtain undue advantage;

VI. To affect our probabilities and/or violate any of our intellectual property rights; or

VII. For any kind of illegal activity.

The Client may not sell or transfer their account to third parties or acquire a player’s account from third parties. If this happens, BOLLYBET will terminate the Client’s account by suspending any funds present in the player account balance.

The Client cannot, in any way, transfer funds to other players.

We may immediately cancel a Client’s account by sending a written notice if the Client uses the Service for unauthorised purposes. We may also take legal action against them if they do so under certain circumstances.

The Client is not authorised to use any type of “bots”, robots and/or device programmed to participate in the games with the purpose of disrupting the Service and/or committing fraud.

4. Privacy Policy

Any information that the Client provides us with will be protected and processed in strict observance of these Terms and our Privacy Policy.

The Client confirms and agrees that we may collect and use their personal data in order to allow them to access and use the website and to allow them to participate in the Games.

We will not disclose the identity of any person placing bets using our Service, unless the information is legally required by the competent authorities, such as regulators, the police (e.g. to investigate fraud, money laundering and/or sports integrity issues), financial entities such as banks and/or payment providers, and/or as occasionally permitted in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

When the Client registers, their information is stored in our database. By accepting these Terms, they accept the transfer of their personal information for the purpose of providing the Service subject to this agreement, as detailed in our Privacy Policy.

5. The Client Account

We accept Accounts in crypto currencies and NOK. All balances and all Account transactions appear in the currency selected at the time of the original Account opening. No credits will be awarded for use of the Service.

We may close and/or suspend an Account and return any amounts deposited if the Client is not, and/or if there is reasonable doubt that the Client is complying with the BOLLYBET Terms and Conditions, to ensure the integrity, justice of the Service, and/or if we have other reasonable reasons to do so. We may not always be able to notify the Client beforehand. In the event that an Account has to be terminated for any reason and the remaining funds in the account are insufficient to cover the fees associated with the return of money by bank transfer to the Client, the money will be confiscated.

We may cancel and/or confiscate funds available in their account and/or refuse to settle a redemption in the event that, either directly and/or indirectly: (i) the terms have been infringed; and/or (ii) other unauthorised activities have occurred related to a betting event and/or the operation of an account (such as, but not limited to, violation of law and/or other regulations, violation of third-party rights and fraud).

Inactive accounts will be made dormant quarterly in accordance with the terms set forth in the Privacy Policy.

BOLLYBET may suspend and/or cancel the participation of the Client’s account in the services and/or cancel and/or confiscate the funds available in their account if they are found guilty of fraud and/or if we determine that they have used and/or served a system (including machines, robots, computers, software or any other automated system) designed to void, or that is capable of voiding our applications and/or software.

We reserve the right to suspend an Account without notice, returning the funds present in the Client’s balance.

We reserve the right to refuse, restrict, cancel and/or limit any bet for any reason, including any bet we deem to have been made fraudulently, in breach of our betting limits and/or the regulations of our system.

If we close and/or suspend the Client’s account due to breach of our rules, we may cancel and/or void any of their bets.

If any amount is incorrectly credited to the Client’s Account, it remains the property of BOLLYBET. In the presence of an error, we will notify the Client, and the amount in question will be withdrawn from the respective Account.

If for any reason the Client Account does not have sufficient balance to support this deduction, they will be indebted to us for that amount, until new deposits are made in the BOLLYBET account.

Clients have the right to terminate their BOLLYBET account. These requests must be sent from the Client’s Registered E-mail Address to

Clients can set limits for the amount they can bet and lose. Such a request can be made in the “Settings” section of the BOLLYBET account. Implementation and increased limits will be processed immediately; however, any request to remove and/or reduce limits will be made after a period of seven working days after the Client’s request.

If they close their Account, they must send an e-mail from their Registered E-mail Address to

6. Account Activity

Their account will be inactive if:

I. They have not registered any login and/or logout activity in their Account, or betting activity, for twelve consecutive months or more. Inactive accounts will be made dormant quarterly in accordance with the terms set forth in the Privacy Policy.

7. Depositing Funds

The Client may deposit funds in their Account through any of the methods defined on our website. All deposits must be made in the same currency as the Client’s Account, and any deposit made in another currency will be converted at the daily exchange rate obtained at, or at the exchange rate valid on our bank. After such conversion, the deposit will be made in the Client’s Account.

Fees may apply to client deposits and withdrawals. For more information visit the payment area of the BOLLYBET website.

Any deposit made to an account where no bets are made three times is liable, at the company’s discretion, to a 3% processing fee and other applicable withdrawal fees. Please be advised that we reserve the right to charge fees and/or a fee if there is irregular behaviour in the transactions. This fee will be defined by BOLLYBET and the user will be informed of the decision made. We also reserve the right to reject withdrawals if the minimum betting limit requirement is not fulfilled. The Client is responsible for the bank fees they may have to pay for depositing funds in our service. The exceptions to this rule are set on the “Payment Options” page.

BOLLYBET is not a financial institution and uses external electronic payment processors to process credit and debit card deposits, which are not directly processed by us. If they deposit funds by credit and/or debit card, their Account will only be credited if we receive approval and an authorisation code from the institution issuing the payment. If the institution that issues Client’s card does not provide such authorisation, their Account will not be credited with these funds.

The Client’s funds are deposited and stored in the respective Account, based on the Client’s currency. BOLLYBET keeps players’ money in an account that is legally separate from BOLLYBET’s own funds.

We are not a financial institution and the Client is not entitled to any interest on expired account balances.

The Client acknowledges that they will receive an invoice after the deposit; the invoice shall contain all payment details.

Funds from illicit means may not be deposited with us and if this happens BOLLYBET will employ all legal means to protect its good name.

8. Fund Withdrawals

The Client may withdraw part or all of the balance of their Account, within the transaction ceilings provided in the BOLLYBET site. Fees may apply, as shown in section 7.2.

All withdrawals must be made in the currency of the Client’s Account, unless we stipulate otherwise.

We reserve the right to request documentation to verify identity before granting any withdrawal from the Client’s Account. We also reserve all rights to request this documentation at any time during the Client’s relationship with us.

All withdrawals must be made by the same original payment method (debit or credit card, bank account, electronic wallet and/or online payment medium) used to make the payment to the Client’s BOLLYBET Account. We may, always at our discretion, allow them to withdraw by a payment method from which their original deposit has not originated. This will always be subject to additional security controls and BOLLYBET may request new documents and/or update existing documents.

If you wish to withdraw funds, but their account is inaccessible, inactive, blocked or closed, please contact our Client Service Department at address.

The Client acknowledges that they will receive an invoice after the withdrawal has been carried out, the invoice shall contain all payment details.

9. Transactions and Payment processors

The Client is fully responsible for paying all amounts owed. They must make all payments in good faith and never attempt to cancel, postpone and/or change a payment made and never act in such a way as to cause such payment to be annulled by third parties to avoid a legitimately contracted debt.

The Client shall reimburse us of any retroactive charge and/or reversal of payment he makes, and any loss suffered by BOLLYBET as a consequence thereof. We also reserve the right to impose an administrative fee of €75 (or an equivalent amount) for any retroactive charge, refusal and/or reversal of payment that Client makes.

We reserve the right to use external electronic payment processors and/or commercial banks to process payments made by the Client, who agrees to be bound by the respective terms and conditions of such entity, provided that they are communicated and provided that such terms do not conflict with these terms.

All transactions carried out on our website will be monitored to avoid money laundering and/or terrorist financing activities. Suspicious transactions will be reported to the relevant authorities, depending on the jurisdiction governing the transaction.

BOLLYBET may suspend, block and/or terminate an Account and retain the funds if it receives a request in this regard in accordance with the Money Laundering Prevention Act.

BOLLYBET’s obligations with regard to legislation on responsible gambling and anti-money laundering prevail over the commercial conditions.

10. Responsible Gambling

BOLLYBET offers a procedure through which the Client may self-exclude from the games. This exclusion will be offered for all games made available and in all means through which BOLLYBET provides its services. Exclusion can be set only:

I. Upon request by the player; or

II. By BOLLYBET If there are sufficient reasons to suggest that the Client may have a gambling problem.

The Client may, at their discretion, choose to limit their ability to access their Account (login) for an indefinite period of time, during which the Account will not be accessible again. The Client may, at their discretion, choose to limit their ability to access their Account (login) temporarily, during which time the account will not be accessible again.

They may, at their discretion, choose to limit the amount they may bet and choose to limit the amount they may lose during a given period.

All limitations mentioned above are administered and initiated by the Client Service, via e-mail Any implemented exclusion can only be removed:

I. After the end of the defined period.

II. Upon the Client’s request.

If the Client intends to reduce a limit and/or increase an exclusion, they shall enter into force only after a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours after the notification to the Client Service Department has elapsed.

11. Errors and exceptional circumstances

In case of error and/or anomaly in our system or in our processes, all bets are void. The Client has an obligation to inform us immediately as soon as they perceive any error in the Service. In the event of communication and/or system errors, bugs, viruses related to the Service and/or payments made to the Client as a result of a defect and/or an interruption of the Service, we shall not be liable to the Client or to third parties for costs, expenses, losses and/or direct and/or indirect claims resulting from such errors, and we reserve the right to void all games/bets in question and take any other action to correct such errors.

In the event of an anomaly in the casino system and/or disconnection problems, all bets are void. In the event of such error and/or any failure of the system, game error resulting in an error in calculating probabilities, charges, fees, charges, bonuses and/or payment, in any monetary exchange as applicable, in case of another anomaly in the casino system (the “Casino Error”), we reserve the right to declare as void any bet that has been affected by such Casino Error, and to withdraw any amount of the Client Account relating to the bets in question.

We endeavour to ensure that we do not make mistakes by posting odds and/or probabilities. If, however, as a result of human error and/or problems in the system, a bet is accepted with a probability materially different from those available on the market, at the time the bet was made, and/or with a clearly incorrect probability if the event occurred at the same time that the bet was made, we reserve the right to cancel and/or void this bet, or cancel and/or void a bet made after an event has begun and reimburse the client.

We have the right to recover from the Client any amount paid in excess, and to adjust the respective Account to correct any error. An example of this type of error can be an incorrect price, and/or if we enter the result of an event incorrectly. If there are insufficient funds in the Client’s Account, we may require them to pay us the relevant amount owed in respect of any erroneous bets. Likewise, we reserve the right to cancel, reduce and/or eliminate any pending play, whether or not made with funds resulting from the error.

BOLLYBET has the right to limit, cancel and refuse bets in case they are deemed fraudulent and/or if it considers that the player’s betting pattern occurs in such a way as to allow them to abuse the system.

The Company is not responsible for any inactivity, disturbance on the servers, delays in time and/or any technical and/or political disturbance to the gambling activity. Refunds may be made solely at the discretion of the management.

The Company does not accept any liability for loss and/or damage deemed to have resulted, even if allegedly, from the site or its content, or being related thereto, including, but not limited to, delays and/or interruptions in operation, transmission, loss, data corruption, electrical failure, communications failure, misuse of the site, failure of its content by any person, for any errors and/or omissions in the content.

12. General Rules

 In the event of contradiction between a specific standard of a sport and a general standard, the general standard shall not apply. The winner of an event will be determined on their rating date. We do not recognise contested and/or annulled decisions for betting purposes. The result of a suspended event after the start of the competition will be decided in accordance with the betting rules specified by us for this sport.

All results shown will be definitive after 72 hours and no complaints will be accepted after this period. In the 72 hours after the publication of the results, the company will only reset/correct the results if there is human error, system error or errors of the source responsibility that discloses the results.

The minimum and maximum betting amounts for all sporting events will be determined by us and are subject to change without prior written notice. We also reserve the right to adjust the limits of individual Accounts.

The Client is solely responsible for the transactions of their BOLLYBET Account. The Client must check whether their bets contain any errors before submitting them. When a transaction completes, it can never be changed. We are not responsible for lost and/or duplicated bets made by the Client, and we do not consider requests for discrepancy because a bet is duplicated. After each session, Clients can review their transactions in the “My Account” section of the website to ensure that all bets ordered have been accepted by BOLLYBET.

BOLLYBET will only guarantee the payment of winning bets placed and accepted by our system.

BOLLYBET will never pay prizes regarding bets placed and not accepted by our system.

The Client acknowledges and accepts that all BOLLYBET events and markets are translated from English. For the purposes of validating their bet, we advise them to always validate the market for their bet in English. The client undertakes that by placing a bet they have validated in all circumstances its rules in English and accept that BOLLYBET is not liable for any discrepancy in the translation.

For a bet to be valid on any competitor nominated in a special Yes/No Bet, the competitor must enter and compete in the event.

If an event does not take place on the scheduled date disclosed by the competent body, no bet for this event shall be deemed valid. If an event is published by us with an incorrect date, all bets are valid for the date disclosed by the competent body.

BOLLYBET reserves the right to remove events, markets and any other product from the site.

BOLLYBET reserves the right to restrict any player’s access to the casino without prior notice.

In all future bets (e.g. total wins at the time, winner of Brasileirão, winner of Champions League, etc.), the winner determined by the competent body will also be declared the winner for betting purposes, unless the minimum number of games required for the future bet to be valid has not been reached.

If there is a discrepancy between the English version of the team names and/or the descriptions of the bets and the version in any other language, the English version will be deemed to be correct. The classification of bets and disputes will be agreed on the basis of the English version of the team names and the betting descriptions.

13. Communications and Notifications

All communications and notices that Client shall give us under these Terms must be sent to

Unless otherwise specified in these Terms, all communications and notices that we must give to them under these Terms will be posted on the website and/or sent to the Registered E-mail Address in our system to the relevant Client. The method of such communication is at our sole discretion.

All communications and notices to be sent under these Terms, by the Client or by us, shall be made in writing in English and must be sent and received by the Registered E-mail Address provided in the Client’s Account.

14. Issues Beyond our Control

We cannot be held liable for any failure and/or delay in providing the Service due to a force majeure event, which may reasonably be regarded as being beyond our control, despite taking reasonable preventive measures, such as: fortuitous case, trade union and/or professional dispute; power failure, act, failure and/or omission of any government and/or authority; obstruction and/or failure in telecommunication services; or any other delay and/or failure caused by third parties, and we are not liable for any loss and/or resulting damage that the Client may suffer. In such case, we reserve the right to cancel and/or suspend the Service without incurring any liability.

15. Liability









16. Bets made by minors

If we suspect that the Client is, and/or if we are notified that the Client is under 18, or who was under 18 years old (or under the age of majority stipulated in the laws of the relevant jurisdiction) when placing bets through BOLLYBET, the respective Account will be suspended to prevent them from making any more bets, and/or to prevent them from making withdrawals from their Account. We will then investigate the matter, namely by verifying that the Client has bet as an agent for, and/or on behalf of, a person under the age of 18 (or under the age of majority stipulated in the laws of the relevant jurisdiction). If we find out that the Client:

(a) currently is;

(b) was less than 18 years and/or less than the age of majority applicable at the relevant time; or

(c) has been betting as an agent for, and/or at the request of a person under the age of 18 and/or less than the majority, the following applies:

I. All winnings currently credited, and/or that must be credited to the Client’s Account, shall be retained;

II. All winnings obtained from bets made through the Service while the Client was under age must be paid on request (if the Client does not comply with this provision, we will seek to recover all costs associated with the recovery of such sums); or

III. All amounts deposited in the Client’s Account that are not earned will be returned to the Client. This Condition also applies if they are over 18 years of age but are placing bets in a jurisdiction that specifies an age over 18 to make legal bets, and if they are under the statutory minimum age in that jurisdiction.

If we suspect that the Client is beaching the provisions of Clause 16, and/or is attempting to apply them for illicit purposes, we reserve the right to take the necessary measures to investigate the matter, including informing the relevant law enforcement agencies.

17. Fraud

We will seek criminal and contractual sanctions against any Client involved in fraud, dishonesty and/or criminal acts. We will deny payment to any Client if we suspect one of these cases. The Client shall indemnify us, and shall be obliged to pay us, upon request, all costs, charges and/or losses incurred and/or borne by us (including any type of loss, loss of profit, commercial loss and loss of reputation, direct, indirect and/or consequential), directly and/or indirectly resulting from the fraud, dishonesty and/or criminal act of the Client.

18. Intellectual Property

We negotiate as BOLLYBET, and the name and logo BOLLYBET are registered trademarks. Any unauthorised use of our trademark and logo may result in legal action taken against the Client. The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is our property, and unauthorised use of the URL is not permitted on another website and/or digital platform without our written pre-authorisation. Between us and the Client, we are the sole owners of the rights of, and relating to the Service, our technology, software and commercial systems (the “Systems”), as well as our probabilities.

(i) The Client may not use their personal profile for commercial advantage (such as selling their status update to an advertiser); and

(ii) When they select a username for their Account, we reserve the right to remove it and/or claim it if we find it appropriate. The Client may not use our URL, trademarks, trade names and/or commercial identification, logos (the “Brand”) and/or our probabilities with any product and/or service other than ours, in a manner that may cause confusion among Clients and/or the public, in some way that can denigrate us.

Except as expressly provided in these Terms, we and our licensees do not grant them any right, license, title and/or interest, explicit and/or implied, in the Systems and Trademarks and all rights, licenses, securities and Interests specifically retained by us and our licensors.

The Client agrees not to use any automatic and/or manual device to monitor and/or copy websites and/or content within the Service. Any unauthorised use and/or reproduction may result in legal action taken against the Client.

19. The Client’s License

Subject to these Terms and to the Client’s compliance, we grant them a non-exclusive, limited, non-transferable, non-sublicensable license to access and use the Service for personal, non-commercial purposes only. Our Client license terminates if our agreement under these Terms is extinguished.

Except in relation to the Client’s own content, they may not, under any circumstances, modify, publish, transmit, transfer, sell, reproduce, upload, distribute, execute, present, create derivative works, and/or in any other way exploit the Service and/or any part of the content thereof and/or the software contained therein, except as expressly permitted in these Terms and/or in any other way on the site. No information and/or content about the Service, and/or made available to they under the Service, may be the subject of modification and/or alteration, merger with other data, publication in any format, including for example screen captures or databases, and any other activity intended to collect, store, rearrange and/or manipulate such information or content.

Any non-conformity by the Client in connection with this Clause may also be considered an infringement of our intellectual property and/or the intellectual property of third parties, and other proprietary rights that may subject the Client to civil liability and/or legal action.

20. Your Conduct and Safety

For the protection of all Clients, the publication of any content in the Service, as well as conduct related to the Service, which is in any way illegal, inappropriate and/or undesirable, is strictly prohibited – it is Prohibited Behaviour. If the Client carries out Prohibited Behaviour, and/or if we determine, at our sole discretion, that they have had Prohibited Behaviour, their BOLLYBET.COM Account and/or their access to and/or their use of the Service may be immediately suspended without prior notice. Legal action may be taken against the client by another Client and/or third parties, law enforcement authorities and/or us, related to the fact that the Client has had Prohibited Behaviour.

Prohibited Behaviour includes, namely, access to using the Service to:

(i) Promote and/or share information that Client knows is false, misleading or unlawful;

(ii) Perform any unlawful and/or illegal activity, such as, among others, any activity that facilitates and/or promotes any criminal activity and/or project, which disallows instructional information about making and/or buying weapons, which violates privacy and/ or other rights of another Client and/or third party, which disseminate computer viruses;

(iii) Harm minors in any way;

(iv) Transmit and/or make available any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, tortuous, defamatory, coarse, obscene, undignified, violent, hateful, racial or ethnically offensive, and/or otherwise offensive;

(v) Transmit and/or make available content that the Client does not have the right to make available under any law and/or contractual and/or fiduciary relationship including, without limitation, any content that infringes the copyright, trademark and/or other physical and/or intellectual property rights of third parties;

(vi) Transmit and/or make available any content and/or material containing any software virus and/or other computer and/or programming code (including HTML) designed to disrupt, destroy and/or alter the functionality of the Service, its presentation, and/or any other site, software and/or computer hardware;

(vii) Interfere with, disrupt, and/or reverse-engineer the Service in any way, including, without limitation, intercepting, emulating and/or rerouting the Communication Protocols used by us, create and/or use “Cheats”, “mods” and/or “hacks” and/or any other software designed to modify the Service, and/or use any software that intercepts and/or collects information from and/or through the Service;

(viii) Collect and/or index any information from the Service through any robot, “spider” and/or other automated mechanism;

(ix) Participate in any activity and/or action that, at our absolute and total discretion, makes and/or can make a Client be defrauded and/or injured;

(x) Transmit and/or make available any advertising and/or sending unsolicited and/or unauthorised messages such as, but not limited to, unsolicited mail, instant messaging, “spim”, “spam”, chain letters, pyramid schemes and/or other forms of solicitation;

(xi) Create accounts through automatic means and/or under false and/or fraudulent pretences;

(xii) Pretend to be another Client and/or third party, or

(xiii) Any other act and/or thing which we deem reasonably contrary to our business principles.

The preceding list of Prohibited Behaviours is not exhaustive and may be modified by us occasionally and at any time. If you notice the misuse of the Service by another Client and/or any other person, please contact us through the “Contact” section of the site. We reserve the right to investigate and take all measures which, at our discretion, consider appropriate and/or necessary under the circumstances, including, but not to be deleted, the Service Client’s publication (s) and/or cancel their Account, and take action against Clients and/or third parties who, directly and/or indirectly, and/or knowingly permit third parties to adopt, directly and/or indirectly, Prohibited Behaviour, with and/or without notice to such Client and/or third parties.

21. Links to Other Sites

The Service may include hyperlinks to external sites that are not maintained by us, and/or that are related to us, and on which we have no control. Hyperlinks to such sites are provided solely for the convenience of Clients and are not in any way investigated and/or monitored, nor the accuracy and completeness of their content. Hyperlinks to such sites do not imply any recommendation from us and/or any affiliation with the linked sites and/or their content and/or owners. We have no control over their availability and/or accuracy, completeness, accessibility and/or usefulness. Similarly, by accessing such sites, we recommend that they take the usual precautions regarding the visit of new sites, including checking their terms of use and privacy policies.

22. Complaints

In case of any question and/or complaint about these Terms, please contact our Client Service Department at the address


Any Client of the Service who has questions and/or complaints about these Terms regarding the creation of any market must contact our Client Support Department at the info@BOLLYBET.COM address, using their Registered E-mail Address.

If a Client is not satisfied with the way a bet has been paid, they must provide details about their complaint to our Client Support Department by sending an e-mail to

We will make every reasonable effort to answer questions of this nature within a few days (and in any case we intend to answer all such questions within 28 days of the communication thereof).

Disputes must be submitted within three (3) days of the date of closure of the bet in question. No complaint will be reviewed after this period. The Client is solely responsible for the bets placed on their BOLLYBET betting account.

Claims/disputes must be sent from the Client’s Registered E-mail Address to info@BOLLYBET.COM, the Client refraining from using any other contact channel.

If a dispute occurs between us and the Client, our Client Service Department will try to reach an amiable solution. If our Client Support Department fails to reach an amiable solution with the Client, the matter will be presented to our management in accordance with our Complaint Procedure (available on request).

The Client has the right to file an e-mail complaint to info@BOLLYBET.COM and/or through the Department of Judicial Affairs of the General Governor of Curaçao, if every effort has failed to settle a dispute to the Client’s satisfaction.

23. Account Registration and Security

Clients of the Service must provide accurate information, including the real name, and, to that end, all Clients must abide by the following rules when registering and while keeping their Account:

(i) The Client may not provide false personal information in the Service or create an Account for another person other than themselves;

(ii) They may not use their personal profile for commercial advantage (such as selling their status update to an advertiser); and

(iii) When they select a username for their Account, we reserve the right to remove it and/or claim it if we find it appropriate.

24. Assignment

None of these Terms and/or rights and obligations under this Agreement may be assigned to the Client, without prior written permission from us, which authorisation shall not be unreasonably withheld. We may, without the Client’s consent, assign all and/or part of our rights and obligations under this Agreement to third parties, provided that such third parties are able to provide a quality service substantially similar to the Service, publishing written notice thereof in the Service.

25. Cessation

If any of the provisions of these Terms is deemed by any competent authority to be unenforceable and/or invalid, the relevant provision shall be modified in such a way as to allow its execution in line with the intention of the original text until the maximum extent permitted by applicable law. The validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of these Terms shall not be affected.

26. Violation of these Terms

Without limiting our other remedies, we may suspend and/or terminate the Client Account and refuse to continue to provide them with the Service, in any case without pre-notifying them if, in our reasonable opinion, they violate any material term of these Terms. The notice of such action taken will, however, promptly be communicated to the Client.

27. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The laws of Curaçao govern the Services and the use of any other jurisdiction is not admissible.

28. General Provisions

These Terms will be in effect as long as the Client accesses and/or uses the Service, and/or is a Client of

(i) These Terms survive the termination of the Client’s Account for any reason.

(ii) Words in the singular include the plural and vice-versa, words in the male gender include the female gender and vice versa, and words that include people also comprise individuals, partnerships, associations, consortia, non-constituted organisations and corporations.


(i) No waiver by us, either through our conduct and/or otherwise, of an effective and/or threatened breach of the Client in respect of any term and/or condition of these Terms shall be effective and/or binding upon ourselves, unless it is made in writing and duly signed by our management and, except as otherwise provided in the written waiver, shall be limited to the specific breach waived. Failure by us to enforce, at any time, any term and/or condition of these Terms, shall not be regarded as a waiver of such provision or of the right that we have to apply such provision at another time.


(i) The division of these Terms into paragraphs and subparagraphs, and the insertion of securities, are intended solely for reference convenience, and shall not affect or be used in the drafting and/or interpretation of these Terms.

(ii) The terms “these Terms”, “thereof”, “under” and similar phrases refer to these Terms and not to any specific paragraph and/or subparagraph, nor to any other portion thereof, and include any additional agreement to these Terms. Unless the object and/or context is inconsistent, the references here made to paragraphs and subparagraphs refer to paragraphs and subparagraphs of these Terms.


(i) From now on, by accessing and/or using the Service, the Client confirms that they have read, understood and accept each paragraph of these Terms. As a result, the Client irrevocably waives any discussion, complaint, requirement and/or future procedure that is contrary to all that is contained in these Terms.


(i) These Terms and Conditions may be published in several languages, reflecting the same principles, for informational purposes and to help players.

(ii) If there is a discrepancy between the English version of these rules and the version in any other language, the English version is deemed to be correct.

Full contract:

(i) These Terms constitute the entire agreement between us and the Client and relate to their access to and use of the Service, and supersede all other prior agreements and communications, either in writing or orally, regarding the object thereof.

29. Betting Rules

The Sports betting product is operated by Tagus Media Americas N.V., a limited liability company, registered in Curaçao, under number 148724, and with registered office in Heelsumstraat 51, Vredenberg, Willemstad, P.O. box Orionweg 5 C, Curaçao. BOLLYBET is licensed in Comoros with License ALSI-082309008-FI4. Any dispute relating to the sports betting product must be sent by e-mail to:INFO@BOLLYBET.COM. To see the complete betting rules, click here.

30. Casino Rules

The RNG games in the Casino are provided by 1X2gaming, Betsoft, Booming Games, Booongo, Endorphina, Evoplay, Genii, Habanero, iSoftBet, Leander, Magnet Gaming, Matchbook, Microgaming Quickfire, Netent, Playson, Pragmatic Play, Realistic, Redrake, Red Tiger Gaming, Spinomenal, Tom Horn, Yggdrasil. All bets placed on the RNG games at the Casino are made respectively on the servers of 1X2gaming, Betsoft, Booming Games, Booongo, Endorphina, Genii, Habanero, iSoftBet, Leander, Magnet Gaming, Matchbook, Microgaming Quickfire, Netent, Playson, Pragmatic Play, Realistic, Redrake, Red Tiger Gaming, Spinomenal, Tom Horn, Yggdrasil.

The games at Live Casino are provided by BetGames TV, Ezugi, Evolution Gaming, Extreme Live Gaming and Netent. All bets placed on real-time games at the Casino are made respectively on BetGames TV, Ezugi, Evolution Gaming, Extreme Live Gaming and Netent servers.

Virtual sports are provided by Betradar.

All bets made on virtual sports are made respectively on the servers of Betradar.

The RNG games at the Casino, real-time games at the Casino and virtual sports are provided in accordance with their own terms and conditions, to which they may have access in the casino lobby. In the event of a conflict between the supplier terms and conditions and these terms, the terms and conditions of the supplier shall prevail.

Access to RNG games at the Casino, real-time games at the Casino and virtual sports may be restricted in some countries at the discretion of the supplier.

BOLLYBET is authorised by suppliers to represent, promote and market the services of RNG games in the Casino, Live Casino games and virtual bets. The RNG Games in the Casino, the real-time games at the Casino and the virtual sports are managed by Tagus Media Americas N.V., a limited liability company, registered in Curaçao, with number 148724, and with registered office in Heelsumstraat 51, Vredenberg, Willemstad, P.O. box Orionweg 5 C, Curaçao.

Any dispute relating to the casino product must be sent by e-mail to info@BOLLYBET.COM.

Welcome package – Terms & Conditions
Casino Welcome bonus:
  • 18+ years of age.
  • The Casino Welcome Bonus offer is available only for first-time depositors.
  • Player needs to apply code "PLAY_CASINO" to avail the bonus.
  • If you win before using your bonus balance, you can withdraw the money straight away. Just remember you will lose the bonus amount if you withdraw.
  • For the 1st deposit bonus, we match 100% of the deposit amount up to mininum 500 NOK and maximum 5000 NOK.
  • The bonus has validity of 7 days and remains in the player’s account. If not wagered by then, the bonus will get cleared from the account after 7 days.
  • The bonus money must be wagered at least 50x before you can make a withdrawal.
  • If the amount gets used, it will have an expiry of 7 days, within which the player should achieve the turnover criteria to be able to access any winnings from the amount. Any active deposit bonus gets removed from the account after 7 days.
  • Bonus will be issued to the players Casino wallet instantly, based on their Deposit amount.
  • The bonus amount can be used only on Only Casino slots (No table cames & live casino - only slots).
  • The maximum bet per round for slot machines when playing with bonus funds is 50 kroner (50 NOK). If this rule is violated, the player agrees that both the bonus and any associated winnings may be removed.
  • Recipients of any First Deposit bonus will not be eligible for any rebates or cashback until the wagering requirement has been completed.
  • Void and refund bets will not count towards any wagering requirement calculation.
  • Players found and confirmed to have fraudulent accounts will not be awarded the bonus.
  • bollybet has the right to amend, cancel, refuse, or reclaim any promotion at its sole discretion.
  • bollybet reserves the right to make the final decision.
Weekly Rewards Cashback
  • 18+ years of age.
  • The player should have at least made one deposit on bollybet.
  • Cashback will be credited every Monday by 16.00 CET.
  • Player gets 15% Weekly Cashback of minimum 50 NOK & No Max Limit for the cashback.
  • No expiry on Cashback
  • Terms & Requirements :

  • Registered Account and a verified Mobile number
  • Offer valid for players who have made at least one deposit
  • Cashback will be applicable only on the Lost Real Money amount of each week
  • Players gets 15% Weekly Cashback of minimum 50 NOK & No Max Limit for the cashback
  • The Cashback is given based on the cumulative loss of the previous 7 days
  • The Offer is open only to players currently residing in Norway
  • Cashback will need to be wagered once before it can be withdrawn
  • Cashback cannot be used along with any other bonus or promotions
  • Void and refund bets will not count towards any wagering requirement calculation
  • bollybet has the right to amend, cancel, refuse, or reclaim any promotion at its sole discretion
  • bollybet reserves the right to make the final decision
General Bonus T&C

    Voided and refunded bets placed will not count towards any wagering requirement calculation.

    Players found and confirmed too have fraudulent accounts will not be awarded the bonus.

    Bollybet has the right to amend, cancel, refuse, or reclaim any promotion at its sole discretion.

    Bollybet reserves the right to make the final decision.

    The bonus amount can be used only on Casino games

    Recipients of any First Deposit bonus will not be eligible for any rebates or cashback until the wagering requirement has been completed.

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